Still In Gloomy & Melancholy Mode.

Mood Of The Day: EMO.Tired.Uninspired.Lonely.Sleepy.

Now That Is What i Call Fashion! [Slightly NSFW]

How To Make The First Move 2.0.

Super Bad Ass Baby Ever.

The Absolute Dream Girl: Orianthi Panagaris

Jabulani: Celebration! The New 2010 World Cup Official Ball.

Emma Watson is Hawt.

Tiger Woods Setting The Record Straight.

Rammstein VS Cookie Monster

Whiz Kid: Typists. Typists?!

Grand Dad Plays World of Warcraft. On an iMac

Awesome Engagement Photo: Candid!

Homeless Mustard Covers Creep.

One Person You Wouldn't Expect To See At New Moon Premiere: 50 Cent

It's A Frap!

The Smiley Face Signature.

Can You See Him?

Taylor Lautner At SNL.

Really Don't Need This Right Now.

Hot Trekkie.

Facebook Joking Comments Gone Bad.

Silly Nature: Inappropriate Tree Roots

Amazing Picture: Bivouacking

Playing I Spy With A Cat.

Presenting A New Age Man Look: Infinite Beard


How To Make A Bottle Disappear Right In Front of Your Eyes.

Howay The Lads! Part 3..

The Eerie Similarity Between True Blood Series and Twilight Saga.

i Love This Girl.

The Best Quit Note i Ever Seen.

Should Stop Hoping.. and (500) Days of Summer.

Cute Girl Video.

A4 Tech's Mouse & Earphone Review.

My Fav Google Pic Thinga Majingy..

Paranomal Activity: The Movie Review. Somewhat.

Starcraft 2 & Diablo 3.

Seasonal Fruit Has Begun.

A Pic To Cheer Me Back Up Again

My Weekend Was As Boring As Counting The Stars At Night.

The List: Of Things i Want To Get.