Paranomal Activity: The Movie Review. Somewhat.

If anyone of us thought that faux documentary movies after The Blair Witch Project is so 1999 and thought that it would never be as interesting, pioneering & scary again, then i would have to say that we are so wrong, we would be blown away by Paranormal Activity.

Driven by the same sense of The Blair Witch Project genre, Paranormal Activity for me is somewhat a refresher to that style of movie. In a good, pardon me, a very good way indeed. Played only by two central character, Micah & Katie. Both have given their most authentic act of being what "normal" people would do when they are the subject of the haunting.

Congrats to both actors in which i would say portray their character really really well. Both were convincing as a couple trouble by a malevolent entity. Their fear was really convincing.

The movie started with a scene that i can relate to, as Micah has bought a new video camera began to take videos as would what an ordinary person would do. The chemistry of both actor as a couple is really impressive, and seeing the both of them, one would believe that they are filming a home video rather than acting in a movie.

The plot throughout the movie progress slowly but as the hauntings and disturbances intensified, i can assure you guys that you will feel something goes into your psyche. Fear will surely crept in. For sure.

Witching hour was for me the central theme of the story, as the hauntings and disturbances would occurred during that time. For those who didn't know, witching hour is the period from midnight to 3am. The time where supposedly the devil himself would come out and play.

i prefer not to go into details on the storyline of the movie. It is best for you guys to check it out yourself. Rest assured you'll never see your bedroom the same way again.

Seriously i would never again see my darkened home and bedroom the same way again. Believe me when i say this, because at night i prefer it in darkness. As i felt i am more creative in my writing in the darkness of my home. Now i am not sure about that again. Hahaha..

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