The List: Of Things i Want To Get.

The list of things i wanna get, some of which are necessary but most are not really that important...

Adidas Sneakers
Three Pairs of Socks
Two Gigs of RAM (Just tried to get one today, unfortunately my laptop motherboard only supports a max of 2gb of RAM, so i could only get 1gb. Now running on 2 pairs of 1gb of RAM. i know. i'm such a nerd.)
External Hardrive

Zoom Effect Pedal G1.U

Ibanez S520EX
Newcastle United 2009/10 Championship Home & Away & 3rd Kit


Samsung P2/P3 or COWON D2 or S9

16"  or 17" sports rims
Myvi SE replacement Foglamps

Palm Pre or Nokia E55 or Nokia E52 or Motorola CLIQ or Apple iPhone ;D

Adidas tracksuits
2-Din Car Stereo with retractable LCD, Bluetooth, DVD, USB front connection & GPS.

Special Effects Contact Lenses: Total Black & Total White & Glow Blue, as in Frank Herbert's Dune movies.


PS3 or XBox 360

More to come.