What Does "WTF" Means.. According To Dad.

Penguin Cat!

R.I.P Leslie Nielsen.

The White Wizard.

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Harry Potter Tombstone.

Michael Caine Impression Duel.

Awesome Star Wars Rear Window Sticker!

There Are Two Cats In This Picture. Find The Other One.

Would You Buy This Car? Its Dirt Cheap!

Things Cats Will Destroy.

Epic Fan Celebration.

An Apology.

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A Hipster Family.

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Which is cuter?

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Megan Fox Borrows Step Son's T-Shirt To Look Hot.

Last Exorcism Chatroulette Reaction.

The Last Exorcism.

What love?!

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Awesome Way To Quit Your Job 2.

Awesome Way To Quit Your Job.

It Wasn't Me Mommy.

Epic Road Marking Fail.

$10 Magic Marker & Sharpie + Creative Head = Amazing Art Home.

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Gorilla Plays Nintendo DSi Too.

Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Justin Bieber Is A Girl.

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Stoopid Crime #1: Robber Calls Fast Food Drive Thru To Complain Lack Of Cash Stolen,

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Mortal Kombat Fatalities In Paper Animation.

Interview FAIL!

Crazy Looking Slides In Russia.

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Run Bieber Run!


Moonwalks In Grocery Store/Supermarket/Hypermarket.

Paradise City.

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i'm Watering Mah Shoe.

How To Update Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera.

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Karaoke Session With Jude Law.

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Super Fast Ninja Cat: Part 2.

Super Fast Ninja Cat: Part 1.

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Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera: Unboxing.