Cute Girl Video.

Before the age of web 2.0, the only time that we could see pretty girls are when we are fed by the corporate media. Fashion stuffs, Hollywood celebrities, recording artiste and many other commercial media that the major power of corporate media would constantly shoved into our brains whether we like it or not.

In those days, we are only the receiver. We have little freedom to choose what we can see, hear or do with what we receiving. All that we can do is just take it as it is.

Now that the way we use our internet have changed, we have all the freedom in the world to do what we want with the content that we're getting. Although there are still limitation have been set but eventually all the rules can be bend or broken.

Okay perhaps my intro is a bit off with my topic that i've set. All that i wanted to say is, now that's the way we use the web itself has changed. The overall mindset of the user of the internet has changed, from being end user to a role that perhaps suited to be call content producer. Okay maybe not all but some user do.

Take YouTube for example. Nowadays the YouTube subscribers are no longer just sign up to get the latest video that they like but also make their own videos for others to see. Some might have good quality content value, some of it are just pure garbage but hey.. someone somewhere in the world would take a look at it.

There are tons, hundreds or perhaps ten of thousands of video on YouTube, and when one get to find interesting video such as this one is like finding a sparkling gem on a barren desert.

Actually there's nothing really interesting going on in this video. No car explosion, no scary real life CCTV captured moment, no hilarious incident taken using mobile phone or even 2 girls with a cup or something. It is just a plain video, not even a 20 seconds video.

But my god for me it is the best 18 seconds video i've seen to date. It is because of the subject of the video itself. The person in focus. The cute girl.

Okay these are what i like about her:

1. Her brilliantly coloured red hair.
2. Her sweet sounding voice.
3. Her sweet smile.
4. The way she giggled near the end of the video.
5. Of course, she is hawt. If you "guys" didn't notice it, you might be turning fag.

Now that i've concluded my late night/early morning ramblings, here comes my emo moment.

Emo moment: i wonder will i ever be with a girl as sweet as her? ~sigh~