Vampire Cat Sleeping.

A Rat Taking A Bath.

Roger Federer Trick Shot.

Cat Hates Justin Bieber.

Awesome Promotion.

Kittens Scared of Rugs.

Amazing Bull Leap.

Megan Fox Borrows Step Son's T-Shirt To Look Hot.

Last Exorcism Chatroulette Reaction.

The Last Exorcism.

What love?!

Cute Cat Plays Theremin.

Awesome Way To Quit Your Job 2.

Awesome Way To Quit Your Job.

It Wasn't Me Mommy.

Epic Road Marking Fail.

$10 Magic Marker & Sharpie + Creative Head = Amazing Art Home.

Awesome Penalty Kick Trick.

Gorilla Plays Nintendo DSi Too.

Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Justin Bieber Is A Girl.

Awesome Concert Experiment.

Stoopid Crime #1: Robber Calls Fast Food Drive Thru To Complain Lack Of Cash Stolen,

Chewbacca Fights Nazi On A Giant Squirrel.

Mortal Kombat Fatalities In Paper Animation.

Interview FAIL!