Really Don't Need This Right Now.

From the horoscope or horroscope that i got from my Facebook profile:

You may be experiencing some personal distress in your romantic affairs, Leo, but you are in a period where you can address those concerns easily. Whether you are single or attached, the dissonance or differences you may be experiencing are more internal than they are from outside sources or parties. You are best to avoid any discussions of a serious nature, and now is not the time to be making major decisions when it comes to love. This is a time of personal reflection for you, where you can examine all factors and variables in your romantic affairs, and determine which factors you can change from within. Accomplishing this will get you closer to your romantic goals than you think.
Why am i calling this a horrorscope, you might ask?

Because it's all just freacking true. For most part that is. i really love the keywords that i've underlined. That is the freacking best piece of advice that coincidentally came out from a randomly generated Facebook application.

Unfortunately though i am not saying that i do believe in this kind of stuff. The fact that this horoscope was actually from two days ago, and i've been in the situation supposedly written for the day; well for a while now. Of course the horoscope is not entirely correct or true in some term but the way it was written made it so. It generalize the usual thing that a person would want to read/hear.

What does that means? Basically i'm just not having the good of luck in term of having any kind of meaningful relationship. Perhaps most of the faults is me. If i were to say this when i am in the worst of mood, i would say that all the fault is mine.

The thing is, any girl that i wanna get to know, close and hopefully form a relationship would either:

a) Go back to their Ex.
b) Found a better guy.
c) Got hitch.

Hahaha.. i know, it is just freacking hilarious. i could speculate that perhaps some gypsy had somehow or rather place a curse on me. A curse that if i were to get close to a girl that i fancy, that girl would eventually found the man of her true love. Hilarious.

Okay. i know i am not making any sense at all. Well it is just that i am thinking about her right now. And it is making me depressed. Feeling so hopeless, because i am so afraid of losing her. 

i hate December.