Tiger Woods Setting The Record Straight.

How in the hell i missed this video? Hahaha.. This is Tiger Woods setting the record straight after all the shenanigans that is in the news recently.

i'm Tiger Woods. i'm above average. i fuck bitches. 

This is the funniest video on the internet right now, and that freacking line is perhaps gonna be the greatest line you'll ever heard.

p/s: If you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see the video. Click on the View Original Post to see it.


Unknown said…
Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gatorade, Tag Heuer and AT&T. Next stop Nike? Online sports bloggers on www.dozensports.com are still supporting Tiger. Some say his new motto should be 'Just do me'. The only thing that can save him now is a tearful appearance on Oprah.
ruki kenishiro said…
omg?! really.. well now Tiger Woods is having his fml moments right now.. hahaha..
great wordplay man, very good indeed..
thanx for the info.. i would never thought it turn'll out this way..