Should Stop Hoping.. and (500) Days of Summer.

i guess that by now i should have let the reality go through into my head already. No matter how much i hoped and prayed, it should dawn to me that this is going nowhere. Sometimes i'm just so frustrated with myself for not being able to put this stupid emotional dilemma to rest.


It.. i meant i felt so stupid because i can't let the feelings go. i know i should stop hoping.

Oh man.. If you guys are wondering why am i feeling so emo this late in the night. It is because i'm suddenly remembered the movie i've seen yesterday, (500) Days of Summer. It surprised me that i somehow can related to a lot of the situation presented in the movie.

(500) Days of Summer is perhaps the best movie i've seen for this year. Its a bitter-sweet-harsh-reality-sad movie. i think Tom's character in the movie is so much alike... well me. i know it's stupid to say that but i am in that situation right now.

Although not entirely like the movie, in some aspect it does.

(500) Days of Summer is a great movie. i like how Joseph Gordon Levitt portrayal of a heart broken man dealing with the issues of his rejection in love life. Zooey Deschanel is so delightful playing Summer Finn. The romantic interest of Tom Hansen.

Zooey has done a great job at portraying a simple next door type of average girl, that is fun and sweet. She has no trouble in making the character really honest and sure of her feelings that i myself can related her to someone i know. That is the kind of girl that would not intentionally breaks one's heart but would get away with it anyway. The kind of girl you would like to spend the rest of your life with yet you couldn't.

Does that makes any sense to you? Sure hopes so.

In Tom's situation, i can honestly say that i felt the character deeply in me. As he wanted a proper relationship as oppose to just as friends with no strings attached. Tom's is hopelessly in love with Summer yet he can't get Summer to acknowledge, which it frustrated him completely.

That is what happened when one falls in love for a best friend who just wanted to stay friends.

The movie is joyfully sad to me. A harsh yet comedic look into a modern love story. i am as depressed as the character in the movie. Although i don't think i could handle it as well as Tom in the movie. Haha..

i really recommend this movie for everyone who is in need of a fresh original romantic comedy. i do get sad & depressed watching it because i found it to be eerily similar to my situation, yet it is a great movie. Perhaps the best movie for this year. i can guarantee that you'll like it as much as i did.

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