Mood Of The Day: EMO.Tired.Uninspired.Lonely.Sleepy.

i was supposed to finish up on my year end review post today but as i got home late from work, i felt uninspired. After taking my bath and ate dinner, i sat in front of my laptop feeling utterly empty. i couldn't think of anything good to write. Even though yesterday i was planning to do some revamp on my blog.

It seems that my personal blog has take itself on a new course. From being a personal blog into a variety of subjects. My interests has been in a such a jumble mess. Everything and anything that is viral on the web has got into the hopeless head of mine.

In which can be sums as: LOST FOCUS.

Yes, my readers(imaginary readers). i have totally lost focus on what exactly that i wanted my blog to be. Well to be frank though, it is not just in terms of blogging only. i felt that i have also totally lost focus in life. i honestly don't know what i wanted in life anymore.