Howay The Lads! Part 3..

i have been a supporter of the Magpies since i was like 10 years old. Of course the pain of the team relegated to a lower league is still there but since that the team is doing really well now, gave a glimmer of hope that we'll be going back up again. Until May comes though, the championship is still, a really tough league and there is still long way to go before we're even dreaming of playing the in the premiership again.

After a couple of loses by Nottingham Forest and Scunthorpe United, we're on a winning streak of 5 games. Yet we can't be satisfied with that. Player injuries, suspended due to yellow cards or god forbid red cards, can ruin our chances. A thin squad is not a good for a grueling championship season.

The arrival of Fabrice Pancrate into the team should and hopefully boost some new creativity in an already thin squad. i sincerely hope that since MA has taken the club out of the market, the club would at least for the time, settled and give everything to win the championship.

i am also hoping that the rumours of Steven Taylor and Jonas Guttirez leaving in the transfer windows is just well.. rumours. The two players of their experience should not be let go. i do hope also that MA would splash some cash for new recruits so that if in any circumstances the squad loses key players, we are covered and not resort for untried and inexperienced reserve team.

Howay The Lads!