Seasonal Fruit Has Begun.

For the past couple of weeks now, the sudden influx of seasonal fruits have flooded Miri City. Seasonal fruits has finally come. One fruit that's reigning the throne is of course, none other than Durian.

All hail the king of the fruit. Hail Durian! Hail Durian!


Though the only bad thing about the coming of seasonal fruit is the fruit seller themselves. People who sells the fruits would always like to do their trades on the parking lots. Which is really annoying as, not that they are only a few of them but they are lot and all over town. Most often, the fruit seller would occupy two parking spaces in order to do their trade.

It boggles the mind that the city council did little.. okay, correction, nothing about it. The thing is, sometimes one need a parking space but the only available ones have been taken by these fruit sellers.

Okay, some might say that there is no place to set up their fruit trade but please not on the available parking lots. Please think of the people that would need it. Please.. i beg of you..

Anyway, Durian is very popular now. Unfortunately i don't really like it. Though if you would to give me Rambutans, i can assure you guys, you all combine can't beat me in terms of eating it. Rambutans is my all time favourite seasonal fruit.

P/s: If you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see the video i've embedded. National Geography have made a short video documentary about Durians in the city of Kuching. Click "View The Original Post" in order to see it.