The Eerie Similarity Between True Blood Series and Twilight Saga.

Weekends! i should probably go out or something, but i rather stay at home. As it is a payday weekend, i am trying to save as much as i can before the year end. Being having some extra budget to spend is so freacking tempting. Since that i am going to renew my road tax and motor insurance soon.. i mean very soon. So i am doing a lot of saving since a few months back, so that at least i'd have some budget left after the road tax and motor insurance is paid.

As a result of not going out anywhere since yesterday, i'm just sitting my ass at home in front of my laptop surfing the internet. Seeing a freaking lot of people having such an interesting life made me a kind of jealous. Well almost. Well.. okay, i am jealous.

So anyway, the new Twilight movie is out, in the US of A anyway. The net is just littered with horribly lots of Twilight thingys. Love it. Hate it. Sick of it. Obsess with it. Its all there.

With scouring through the net i found something that i found really interesting and eerie. i rather not start anything about anything but now that i thought of it again, it does. Well read it for yourself.