Paul Octupus Is The Real Soothsayer.

The first time i saw this chart, i was really convince that my favourite team to win the world cup, by beating Spain in the semi final and progress to the final game. Being that their team have been playing really good football against the best teams in the tournament(minus the crappy England side though), i have no doubt in my mind that they would lift the World Cup in full glory.


As probably everyone in the world would have already known about this, Paul the Soothsayer Octopus chose Spain to win it. And win they did. Paul the Soothsayer Octopus has done it again. All the six matches he predicted has been right.

Why he does this you might asked? Apparently octopus didn't like symmetry.


First pic via Nerdcore.
Second pic via Reddit.

Well, i think i'm gonna get myself an octopus to help me bet on the English Premier League matches. Perhaps i will be a millionaire with the octopus' help. Hahahaha...