Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Justin Bieber Is A Girl.

Well, i can't blame him, and neither should you guys. To be honest though, i sometime still thinks that Justin Bieber is a girl. Hahahaha..

Daniel Radcliffe, just in case some of you don't know. 

i happened to stumble upon this story while scouring for the latest Harry Potter movie news. Via Superiorpics.com, Radcliffe told MTV.com, "I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time two weeks ago. I genuinely thought it was a woman singing. I'd never heard it before".Wait until you see her.. i mean, him in person, Daniel.

Come on, look, he's such a pretty girl. Hahahaha.. Kidding people. Kidding.

Read Superiorpic story here.
Daniel Radcliffe pic via Lovelydaniel.
Justin Bieber pic via Justin Bieber Biography.