Last Exorcism Chatroulette Reaction.

It is 3 a.m right now. The witching hour. Previously i have mentioned about the movie, The Last Exorcism. Well they made some awesome viral marketing in support of the film.

Using the Chatroulette as their platform, unsuspected viewers(seen in the following video, mostly guys) were on the video chat with a beautiful girl when suddenly she became possessed.

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, the link to the movie that appeared afterward is too soon. They should've let the viewers sank in their shock and horror a bit longer. The need to rush to display the link didn't let viewer give out that natural fearful look on their faces. For that i give this viral marketing a somewhat fail.

Though a word of caution to all you guys out there that loves to video chat, perhaps if you are unlucky, you might encounter a real demonic possession live. So be careful when you're video chatting guys, it might be your last.

MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!(face distorted into demonic face)

via Buzzfeed.