Moonwalks In Grocery Store/Supermarket/Hypermarket.

This should've been done along time ago, people. i seen one video thru Buzzfeed via The Daily What yesterday. That moonwalk video with a shopping cart would make such a cool video meme. So again i repeat the urge from The Daily What post.

"People of the internets, please pray to the god of the internet. Let this be a meme."

If by any chance you guys do moonwalks, do it. Moonwalk in the grocery stores, supermarkets and/or hypermarkets, with/without a shopping cart(it would be cooler with) and don't forget to take the video of it too. Why? It's so freaking cool, fool!

Here's some of them i manage to find on YouTube.



Three. (Best)

All these videos have made me forget my after work tense. Hahahaha..