My Pointless Saturday.

It has been an uneventful Saturday for me today. Just like my previous weekends, it is so boring. Oh well what can one do when he has no life what so ever.. So anyway, what have i been doing today ey you might asked?

Well today we have to do some marketing at the office. As of now, i can say that i am not good at marketing. Perhaps in due time, with proper training and some more experience when dealing with people, i could do better.

That's just it i guess.. i didn't go anywhere after work today. i just went straight back home, but i think that should be a good thing nowadays. As the threats of Swine Flu is steadily growing by the day.

So anyway, i did spend some money today and some of which spent on unnecessary things.

1. RM30(about $10USD) on my car gas. A whole week worth of gas, which is the good thing when owning a fuel economic car.
2. RM36(about $12USD) on DVDs.
3. RM20(about $6USD) on chocolates.

i think thats just it.. Pointless now isn't it?