Wake Up Dude!

Herro.. first thing first, please reserve your judgement until you've finished reading this post. Only after you're finished reading this, you can judge me.

So here's how the story goes. Today, 15 of July, i am on leave (Tomorrow too) because i am sitting for my Open University May's final exam. Well the thing is, i haven't study one bit!


Yup seriously, i haven't study a thing. This morning i woke up at 9am, just laid on my bed for an hour before getting up for shower. i was planning the night before to get up early and study but obviously i didn't. Instead, i fired up my laptop and watch videos on Mega Video.


Yeah, i know... i think i'm gonna flunk this paper. When will i ever learn? Stupid! Stupid Stupid! i think i better look again at my priorities. Whether to be successful or just another ordinary-going-nowhere guy.

Wake up dude!


Kim said…
Seems like Open University or just any distance learning programs are just not meant for someone like you. Those are reserved for those who are incredibly dedicated and disciplined. No worries. I wouldn't be able to do it either. I'm not very disciplined. Also, out of sight, out of mind. I simply forget about it all. :P Maybe you should rethink this whole distance learning thing.
ruki kenishiro said…
nah.. it's the only way Kim, as i have a career in the way.. i can't do full time anymore, it's time wasting for my age and career wise.

the fact that i'm not really in the rush to get my certificate is also an advantage.

thanx for the thoughts anyway.. just don't follow my footsteps okay..

i just have to dicipline myself more.