OMG.. Snakes! WTF?!

After an uneventful day yesterday. i was not expecting anything out of the ordinary today. Then this afternoon the surprised event presented itself or should i rather say slithered itself.

It started when my mom came from the dining room after switching off the switch for the water heater and washing machine. It was not even a minute or so that i decided to make myself a cup of tea.

So i went to the kitchen to get me a cup and proceeded to the dining room where the 3 in 1 Instant Lipton Tea packet is. As i was pouring the contents of the instant tea into the cup i didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Then when i wanted to add boil water i noticed something staring back at me from right next to the water heater. An adolescent snake. i was for a moment transfixed with the sight of a snake looking back at me. It rose its head when i moved closer to take a closer look at it. Judging from the colour on its skin i'm guessing that probably it could be a poisonous one. As its top skin was red and orange in colour with a green belly.

i told my mum, and she went to see it by going around the back door. She got hysterically worried the fact that it was just moments from the time she switched off the water heater and i got up to make tea. She was so sure that she didn't see anything there. She kept telling me to be careful when trying to get rid of the snake.

As you could probably see from the picture, there a silhouette of her far away at the back. i know she was concern about me but when she kept telling me to be careful, i just could not consentrate on getting rid of the snake. i told her to relax and be quiet, and let me think of away, and also it'll help me to keep my guard up.

i used two brooms to grap hold of the snake but it managed to slither away underneath the cabinet. After a few banging on the cabinet, i managed to scare it away to outside of the house. My mum told me to kill it. Sorry little guy, it's either you or me.

You should click on the picture to see the "actual" size of the little thing. i must say it was quite long.


in motion said…
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