So The Story Goes: A Crappy Day..

It's never cease to amaze me sometimes, how a such a crappy day would always start with a very normal morning. So here's how the story goes..

"i woke up this morning just a few minutes before the alarm of my handphone rings. i just lay there waiting for the alarm to go off. My LG Viewty alarm was the first to go off, i shut it off. Then my Nokia alarm rang, i shut it off. i didn't immediately got out of the bed, pulling my blanket over me and slowly dozing back into sleep. It was 6:00am.

i woke up back about 15 minutes later to the sounds of somebody showering. i knew that would my mom. i just closed my eyes for a while when around five minutes later my mom called me to wake up.

i headed for the bathroom grabbing my towel from it's handle. The cold water of the morning caused me to shiver through out my shower. i hurried out, still shivering, tip toeing into my bedroom. The cold sudden breeze as i moved causing me to shiver a lot more. i hurried to put on my trousers, almost forgeting my underwear. A flash of thought made me chuckled, wondering how would that be like; going to work without wearing any underwear.

i took out a long sleeve shirt and ironed it, it's 10 minutes to 7am. i never gone to work with wrinkles on my shirt, never. My mom said something i couldn't recall, even if i try, perhaps she was refering to something on the morning TV. i wasn't really paying attention.

Usually when i iron my shirt, my mind would always wonder. Usually i would think of her, wondering and hoping that in that exact moment, she'd think of me too. Then again, it would be just a hopeless thought. Just a pointless one to mention. Damn, why couldn't she feel the same way..

7:15am. We on the way to work. My mom would dropped me off and she'll continue to go to the hospital, to where she's working, as any other weekdays. i headed out to the ATM machine to withdraw out some money, before going to a chinese cafe next door.

Coffee, a couple of bread toast and two half boiled eggs. My usual breakfast. 'What a boring and normal morning..' i thought to myself. As i gobbled up my breakfast, my mind began to wonder. i wondered about finding a better paying job, a better enviroment job, a less stressful job and whether i would be rich or not.

Through out the day, nothing much of a concern to mention about. It was just as i would imagine. Just another boring day. Boy, was i so wrong.. Fate, like always, love to play tricks on me. Tossing everthing into chaos just at the end of working hours.

i prefer not to go into details, but all that i can say is, an end of day routine work that wouldn't always take long..well.. ended up taking a long time. In the end, i got yelled for something i didn't do, got an 'extra advice' for something i already know and not my fault in the first place.

Like in a freak comedy horror movie, i imagine myself as the guy would get a lot of abuse and die tragically. Hah! i know, i'm not making any sense. i sometimes wonder, why i would always be the one that gets know.. the unfortunate beating of fate. Perhaps in the past life i was a goat, or a scape goat to be precise.

Though after almost three years working there, i would turn deaf ears from any yelling. i just don't care anymore. Of course i would be upset about it, but i rather just keep it inside. i somehow know there will be something really good happen to me, hopefully. If not, i can just find another job or kill myself. Sweet..

6:30pm, already back home. Just got my laptop on and logged onto the internet. i laid on the couch for a while, and i doozed into sleep."