Matt Damon Pissed Off, Guillermo Parody of Bourne Ultimatum, Guillermo Red Carpet Bourne Ultimatum, Sarah Silverman Fucking Matt Damon Parody Song

This is the series of videos that i found really hilarious. It started with Jimmy Kimmel Shows where he would always invited Matt Damon to his shows but he would never have the time to include Matt Damon into any of his slots.

The first video you would see that Matt Damon really pissed off when Jimmy Kimmel finally have the time to call Matt Damon in but haven't got any time left to entertain him. Matt Damon seemingly suspected Jimmy Kimmel would do that, storming out fuming and cursing all the way.
The second one is where Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel made a parody sketch of Bourne Ultimatum with Matt Damon as himself and Jason Bourne.

The third is again Guillermo but this time at the Red Carpet Premier of Bourne Ultimatum again playing around with Matt Damon.

The fourth is where Matt Damon gets back at Jimmy Kimmel big time, by making a parody music video with Sarah Silverman where the title of the song is "I'm (Sarah Silverman) Fucking Matt Damon", in which Sarah Silverman is Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend.

First Video: Matt Damon Pissed Off

Second Video: Guillermo Bourne Ultimatum Parody

Third Video: Guillermo At Bourne Ultimatum Red Carpet

Fourth Video: Sarah Silverman Fucking Matt Damon

Of course all of the videos are clearly all set up and scripted. Seriously though i thought Matt Damon was really pissed off in the first video but then again, he is one of the best actor in the world. In the third video you can see clearly that at the end Matt Damon cracking a smile just as he turned away from Guillermo.