My Boring Weekend

i have nothing special planned out this weekend. i had to go to the office yesterday to finish up my outstanding works, and by the word "outstanding" i don't meant brilliant but rather "unfinish" works.

It seems that the work never cease to pile up over and over again. i almost, and seriously, almost get sick of just only looking at it.

After almost two hours at the office, i decided that, that's enough for the day. So i rounded up what i have done and clear it nicely and carefully put it in my drawer. i don't want to put my head on the platter for anything thats missing.

Today, went out just to grab Big Mac at McDonalds Parkson Bintang Plaza. Then went down, looking for DVD at a store opposite the bookshop. Quite a funny thing happened there. i was there actually looking for FIFA 2008. My kid brother has been nagging me for weeks to buy that game. While looking thru those DVDs one of those shopkeeper, showed me porn DVDs.

He wanted me to buy one, i declined and he again urged me to flip through and buy at least one. i just smiled at him and said, "Why would i buy one cost me RM20 when i can download whole lot more than that FREE through the internet."

He looked at me and nodded, "Betul jugak (True also)." Haha! Take that naive shopkeeper, i've been online long enough to know how and where to get free porn. Not that i have porn in my computer but nevertheless i know where to get it. Haha..