Reviewing The Year 2008 Targets, Resolutions & Achievements

Gosh.. it's November already? Time sure past so swiftly now isn't it? Wow.. i just couldn't believe that i have yet to achieve any of my personal targets and resolutions that i have set from the beginning of this year.

i really think that i didn't come close to any of it. However i can say that i have done a few big things/decisions that could've probably redefine myself. These few things are not even on my lists of personal targets/achievements/resolutions this year.

Here are a few targets that i should've done or at least achieve some degree of it:

1. Finish my poetry book
- i've planned to at least done half of it by the end of this year, unfortunately i'm having a prolong writer's block. For a snippets, go here.

2. Have at least RM5000 ($1400++USD) in my ASB Unit Trust savings
- Again like i've mentioned before in my previous posts, i'm currently back to square one. i have to withdraw RM3000 for something that i really need. Perhaps next year i could finally have that.

3. Achieve 4.0 for my OUM grades
- Somehow i'm having issues with studying itself, i don't know, perhaps i have lost a bit of motivations. i guess i could put on hold my studies for one semester to sort my priorities out.

4. Have a girlfriend
- This is quite comical to think that finding a girlfriend as a new year resolution but i'm just putting it up here just to get your attention. No, i don't any girl would want to be my girlfriend as these reasons i've mentioned in my previous post.

Well i couldn't conclude that i'm having a bad year as there's two months left to go through. i still have a major surprise up my sleeves that i haven't open up yet, so keep that in mind.

i could perhaps say that i have a lot of regrets this year. There are a lot of things i've done wrong and somehow in my stupid short minded head i've done most of it towards someone i adore and love so much. i did however, made a promise to myself that i'd never do it again, or everyone that i love for that matter.

Anyways.. in a lighter note, i do hope that i can blog for a good news this week. i really really hope so. i think i deserve at least a pinch of hapiness this year.