Getting Closer To Get My Own Car..

Yup, i am seriously getting closer to get my own ride.
i'm closer of getting that 10% downpayment needed in owning my own car. Although i don't necessarily have to prepare that 10%, as most car salesman can help me get a full loan from a bank but i rather have at least some amount of downpayment so that i wouldn't have to pay so much for the monthly installments.

Anyway, i am fixed on getting the new Myvi facelift model. i just have to resist the temptation of getting the 1.3 premium version while waiting for the new Myvi Special Edition. i've visited one of the Perodua dealer here in Miri to check out the new Myvi for myself, and i have to tell you honestly, i'm really impressed with it. i had to stop myself before i abandon the plan of getting the SE version.

There's plenty of time to save before the Special Edition comes out, i just have to be really patience.

Rumours has it that the new facelift Myvi version as i've blog in my previous
post (with awesome pics
and special thanks to
for posting it), would come out around October ~ December of this year.

In the meantime, check out this awesome sporty body kit by Toyota Passo which fortunately compatible with Myvi as Perodua model their Myvi from Toyota Passo & Daihatsu Sirion.

Gialla Body Kit Front
Gialla Body Kit Rear
Modellista Body Kit Front
Modellista Body Kit Rear
Kenstyle Body Kit Front

Kenstyle Body Kit Rear

"Anyways, SHE looked stunning today. God, i am falling ever deeper into her,
it's so unfortunate that its only me that feels that way. So sad.. so
unfortunate for me that this feeling is not mutual. i'm still hopelessly waiting for her."