The New Perodua Myvi Facelift Model.. Special Edition Perhaps?!

First of all, an update on my health from which i've mention in the last post, yup i'm finally free from fever and flu after two days of resting. SHE too got well, sorry babe, i bet the vitamins i gave you worked well now isn't it?

Secondly, the reason that i've not been updating this blog is that i felt lazy and not inspire to write anything. Although i had something in my mind, but i didn't have the feeling to put it into this blog.

Third, fasting month is in, and i have to rearrange my bedtime. Though it's not usually strictly followed. i just couldn't sleep before midnight, even when i got sick. Perhaps there's something needed to be done about it. Perhaps some other time maybe, i'm just not feeling it..haha..

Fourth, i've been thinking a lot about getting my own car. i blame this unnecessary temptations that i got, from my friends, cousins and colleagues. All they only said was, "When are you going to get your own car dude?"

i was like, "Come on guys, it's not like a car price at RM10 or RM50. If so, i would have bought three or four already." Now i couldn't get it off my head. i think i should get a car of my own, although currently my financial status is already at its maximum of monthly spending. Also i have my parent's cars to use, my mom's Atos and my dad's Wira. Even if i do get my own, we don't have any parking space to park three cars.

Speaking of financial status, i still have my personal loan from CIMB and computer loan to be settle. Both would probably finish by August or September next year. So now, i still not able to pay the car monthly loan repayment. i even couldn't prepare the 10% downpayment for it.


i have been following closely the rumours and news from the new Myvi facelift. i especially like the new audio features available on the 1.3 versions. USB connectors and Bluetooth connectivity!

Freaking cool now isn't it?

If i do get one, i don't have to upgrade the audio system. Perhaps i could just add an amplifier and a subwoofer.. or sport rims, or sporty body kit, or a new chameleon paint job... God.. i plan like i have a lot money.. stupid..

Anyway here are some really exciting pics of the new Myvi for SE edition, love the new body kit.. Gosh, i have got to find RM5000 fast!


Love the wide bumper!

Leather? Are you serious?!

Pics are taken shamelessly from: