Monthly Budget : Weekend Plans Kaput

i mention about my plan of going to watch 5 superheroes movies right this coming weekend in last Friday's post. Unfortunately, i don't think i can spend my money on movies now, even though payday was just 4 days ago. During the time i made that post, i was not refering to my monthly budget.

Now after done my important bills settlement and long term savings deposits, i found myself surviving the whole month with only just RM150++. i was really fortunate that i'm still living with my parents. Imagine what it would be like if i were to live on my own. Gosh.. Of course there are people who can survive with that amount or less, but they're used with that lifestyle.

i'm sure you all know that as a blogger, my life revolve around the internet. i am the internet generation okay.. i love being online and looking into other people lives from other parts of the world, searching for something latest and greatest from the technology world, and other shennanigans that i could look for in the internet.

i could try revert back to the old days lifestyle. Though i don't think i can last long without technology. It is as simple as that.

Okay talk about monthly budget, i think i did mention about this sometime ago, i'm just too lazy to look back, you can view the archives anyway. i usually started by firstly saves around RM200 - RM300 into ASB our local Unit Trust Account. i would only withdraw this money in case of emergency or lamely put if i really have no more money left in hand. Second i would pay back my PTPTN, a study loan. Third i would save RM150 inside my savings account for my insurance auto debit. Fourth would be the bills, i only pay for telephone, broadband and satellite tv. Fifth would be payment for my personal loan.

After all that, usually i would get only about RM300 left for the entire months. Luckily i don't own a car and a house of my own yet. It would be mind boggling for me to look for other kind of income for additional support.

If only i could make some money from this blog.. Hopefully some time in the near future ey? i'll make sure you guys will be the first to know.

P/s: It's been a long time since i've put up an LG Viewty tutorials.. i think i should post something soon..