Coming Soon: Super Heroes Weekend! The Incredible Hulk, Wanted, Hancock, Hellboy 2, The Dark Knight..

Weekends coming up and i have no plans whatsoever. Well, like always. i don't have a life remember. Though anyway, i was thinking of going to the cinema to watch some movies. Unfortunately it is in the middle of the month anyway, and like any other months before, i am so fucking broke.

i was supposed to withdraw some fund from my savings, yet after doing seriously a lot of thinking, and i do mean A FUCKING LOT of thinking. i decided not to withdraw my money and waited out next weekend. Next week is payout week anyway, so i'll just let this weekend go.

i have yet to watch any movie this year. The reason being, i don't actually want to go out anymore. Yup, slowly but surely, my social life is crumbling. i can imagine some years later perhaps i could develope a fear for crowds of people. Haha!

So my next week weekend will be called: Super Heroes Weekend!

The reason?
i'm gonna waste my money to watch these movies:

5. The Incredible Hulk
4. Wanted
3. Hancock
2. Hellboy 2
1. The Dark Knight

Though i wonder whether i can see all five movies at Miri Cineplex. i do hope they would still show the #5, #4 & #3 movie next week. Fingazz crozz!