Gold Farmers Part 2.

The fact that gamers now can make money from playing a game or games by selling in game currencies. Gold farmers are being frowned upon and over time, these people are hated by gamers who try to make some money themselves by playing the game properly.

This is because gold farmers played one or several characters and are shared with other gold farmers. This make the character are played non stop. That character would easily level up and would gather more resources that is the in game currency.

Where else a normal person would play their game in their free time, and leveling up and gathering resources would take a long time. Which is why gold farmers are hated, because they are destroying the in game economy. With the more gold are easily bought online, a gamer who plated their game in their free time, selling these resources would be meaningless. 

As the resources price would go down, normal gamer who wants to sell their share would be discourage.