Gold Farmers Part 1.

i am a gamer at heart, being having playing most games since childhood. Now that gaming has broaden itself from merely just on consoles or computer but has expanded with the internet. Most games now more or less have connected itself with the internet. Being open for all gamer from all over the world, in one way or another, people will try to find a way to making money with it. This is especially more evident with MMORPG games, where one of the in-game currency such as gold is used.

This is where gold farmers comes in. They would play this type of games just to harvest such in game currency and the sell it to gamers who themselves didn't have the time to play and collect those items or currencies in the game.

In my head, these people who are gold farmers would perhaps be rich people. The fact that they play games all day long. Not seems like it in reality though. It is a tough job and it really didn't pay much for them.

Here are the documentary about Gold Farmers.