Hurricane Horse

i know, this post is a slowpoke post, but i felt that i need to share it for those who haven't seen it yet. This is a video of Hurricane Horse.

During Hurricane Sandy, a news reporter came across a shirtless man jogging while wearing a horse mask. See the video below.

If you guys are wondering who the fuck is Sp00n person that people kept commenting about in the comment section, Sp00n is a famous YouTube game commentator. He apparently never disclose his true identity, and whenever he is on camera, he would use that similar horse mask.

His YouTube channel is under the name TheCampingTree.

Though that person is actually Jimmy Kruyne. Here is an Instagram picture of him. His tweet about this here.

Mr Jimmy was also interviewed about his antics by The Washington Post, and you guys can read it here.

However, if you're wondering who is that asian news anchor, her name is Eun Yang. (yes, i think she hot. lol)

via Buzzfeed
via Buzzfeed.