Diablo 3: Still Playing.

So the past few months, i have been playing Diablo 3 quite practically non stop. Well, not literally anyways. i still have to eat, sleep, clean up after myself and of course doing the things that normal modern person nowadays needed to do, going for work.


Diablo 3 is honestly for me; well at least, a really enjoyable game. i seriously love it so much. It has been too long since i have been hooked to a game like this, well the last time it was Diablo 2. Haha!

What bothers me is, the fact that there's a lot of gamers seems to hate this game. To an extend that they use the word "hate", really dumbfounded me. Well perhaps different gamers seek different level of satisfaction in their game, or it could just be that Diablo 2 is such a great game, that hardcore Diablo 2 fanboys find it too easy and a lot less challenging and of course, because of; the poor loot drops, that it frustrated them to that extend.

Unlike most of that kind of gamers, i am still playing my Diablo 3. i still find it really enjoyable, and i have yet to try the other different class of character in the game. i am currently doing Paragon level with a Wizard. i might start to play other class soon, just to keep the game feel fresh.

via Diablo 3's Wizard page.

i am really liking the Wizard, a reminiscent of Necromancer from Diablo 2, but using it in Inferno is quite the challenge; being under geared and all.

i would also like to applaud Blizzard Entertainment for making Diablo 3 accessible for gamers with "old" hardware to play the game. i am currently playing this game on an Asus Special Edition Bamboo Series U33JC laptop. This laptop is not by any means a gaming capable laptop. It only have an Intel Core i5 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce 310M a low end graphic chip, and i've upgraded the RAM to 8GB; its full capabilities.

But the important thing is, i can play Diablo 3 on it, and play on it smoothly i did.

Perhaps i'll do a bit of "review" of the game soon. Maybe. In the mean time, imma off to sleep yo(it's midnight now here in Miri).