If Diablo 3 Were A Girl.

So i thought i might be playing Diablo 3 by now, but it seems my supplier forgot about handing me my copy of Diablo 3. Well i know exactly why he totally forgot about mine:

1. His store has been rushed with last minute Diablo 3 orders and handling last minute customers make him so busy and totally forget about it.
2. He himself has been busy PLAYING Diablo 3 after business hour and forgets to deliver my copy of Diablo 3!


Well it doesn't matter though, as this anticipation will make me enjoy playing the game more later on, hopefully when he remembers to give it to me though. :p

So in the mean time, here is a video that is so creative. What if Diablo 3 is a girl, what she'd look like and how the situation would be meeting back after 12 years or so.

i'm asian, so my version of Diablo 3 girl would certainly brunette, but i fancy the thought of my Diablo 3 girl be a redhead. Yes, a feisty readhead.


p/s: Unfortunately, i don't even have a real girlfriend like the guy in the video. Yeah, i know, so sad, even a nerd have one.