Elephant Plays With a Galaxy Note!

Wait.. what? An elephant using a smartphone. Haha.. Just kidding! Its just an elephant plays with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Yes, i do think its a subtle Samsung product placement (commercial) in some ways. Still, its a great way to advertise their product.

So what is Galaxy Note anyway? Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? (seriously, that thought did came into my mind after seeing this video)

Samsung Galaxy Note is a smartphone. (well, duh?!) A HUGE Smartphone. 5.3 inches to be exact, well screen wise. Specs includes:

Dual core CPU.
5.3" screen. (pretty obvious, dont cha think?)
8 mega pixel camera.
Android Gingerbread. (upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich)
Full 1080 HD video recording & playback

My favourite thing on the Galaxy Note is the stylus, it makes playing Draw Something easier. Would i get one though? Probably but not in any time soon, as i have some other gadgets in mind. :)

So are you guys interested though? If so, go to the link below to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Note.