Speed Up Your Laptop, Add More RAM.

i can honestly say that, i am one of those people who in some way, uniquely and strangely(though it is common actually), have really short attention span AND broad range of interest. i'm online all the time, and sometimes i opened up so much tabs on my internet browser that my laptop would become sluggish and slow.

i used to be a hardcore gamer but "retired" due to lack of interest, and picking up new hobby and the fact that Heroes of Might and Magic is not as good as it used to(aka Heroes of Might and Magic III), and also DIABLO 3 seems to take FOREVER TO FINISH! hahahaha..

And when i'm online. i open SHITLOADS of browser tabs. Fucking shitloads of them!

So how many application windows & browser tabs did i open? Here are the stats:

1. Google Chrome - 1st window - 25 tabs. 
                             - 2nd window - 11 tabs.
                             - 3rd window - 10 tabs.
All of the above are my reading materials, that in someways i didn't quite finished it and didn't want to close it either. :p
                            - 4th window - 3 tabs. (sometimes more)
This tabs is specifically for my social networking website, such as Facebook & Twitter.
                            - 5th window - 10 tabs. (sometimes more)
This tabs is specifically for my Blogger. Albeit for blog posts and/or reading other blogs.

2. Mozilla Firefox - one window - 4 tabs. (sometimes whole lot more)
i mainly use Mozilla Firefox to watch Youtube, and when some videos took long time to load, i would open shitloads more. :p

3. Internet Explorer - 1st window - 3 tabs.
                              - 2nd window - 2 tabs.
Yes, i still do use Internet Explorer because it was the first internet browser that i am familiar with, and all of my favourite bookmarks are still in it. The fact that i can't transfer the bookmarks to Google Chrome frustrated me. (i know, there are ways, but i'm just too lazy to do research)

4. Adobe Lightroom 3. (a photo editing software)
5. Pinnacle Studio. (a video editing software)
8. Photoscape. (a photo editing software, simpler & less advanced than photoshop.)
9. Paint - 3 windows opened (to copy screen shots for this post)
10. Microsoft Word. (to write a simple draft for this blog)

So how can i open this shitloads of applications and tabs without crashing my laptop? The answer is simple and easy. Add more RAM. 

Previously i was just using stock 4GB of RAM that came with my laptop. Now i've upgraded to 8GB of RAM. The ones that i'm using is just Kingston Value 4gb(two of them, in total of 8gb) RAM. i was actually looking for a pair 8GBs but my favourite store didn't have them, so i've had to settle for just 4GB instead.

Although the RAM module is named "value", it does not mean that its not of a good quality make. Far from it. It is more than enough, for just an everyday use. i highly recommend it.

Now my laptop feels much more smoother and swift in opening and closing of applications, i can also; like previously mentioned, open much much more applications and run it flawlessly. The fact that notebook RAM prices is coming down and frankly really really cheap, there is no reason that you shouldn't upgrade it too. 

By  upgrading/adding more RAM, your computer or laptop will(honestly) feel and run like a brand new machine. Serious.

Here is my laptop performance ratings. Please take note that my laptop(ASUS Bamboo Series U33Jc) is not a gamer spec, its just an advanced multimedia laptop from ASUS. A brand that i believe, is a really good brand, really affordable price against the spec. i absolutely LOVE it!

ASUS, if you're reading this, i am one of your loyal customers, and i honestly believe that you guys have done really really well. Keep up the great work! (Send me ASUS Transformer Prime for review too.. :p)

Just so you guys know, this is my usual day online.

The usual number of tabs i open. :p