Weird YouTube 5: Yurika Akiyama.

Why, hello there. Welcome to the [Weird YouTube Videos Week]. i am your host, Ruki Kenishiro. Here is fifth pick. And my it got me Lolling. LOLling really hard.

First thing first, i have no idea what they are saying. So i am as clueless as you are. Well until i read the top comment. So here are the translation.

"So the story in the news is that you're pregnant?" "yes"
"so thats true?" "yes"
"so has it been difficult? your pregnancy" "yes one thing i noticed is that my boobs are getting bigger!" (they both laugh and giggle)
"can i touch them?" "go ahead" (she feels breast)
"oh you're right! they are bigger!" "ikr?" "wow. that was pretty fun!(laughs) you have nice perky breasts" "thankyou. uh they don't feel to big do they?" "no they're very evenly shaped and supple. theyre perfect" (they both laugh)
by codeninja100. 

Thanx codeninja100. Well, i can forget about my imaginary conversation/translation that i made up in my head. hehehe..

So go watch the video and don't forget to read some of the comments, it's hilarious.
Until next time, i'm your host, Ruki Kenishiro.