Weird YouTube 4: Unbelievably Cute Kitten Begs For Attention.

Why, hello there. Welcome to the [Weird YouTube Videos Week]. i am your host, Ruki Kenishiro. Here is my fourth pick. And my it got me Lolling. LOLling really hard.

i got this video from my Facebook wall feed.  At first i was like, "aaaawwwww.. what a cute kitten". But as i looked at it closely. i realized something.

That guys is in his underpants!! 

Then questions flooded my thoughts. Such as:

"why is he sitting there just in his underpants?"
"why did he let himself got recorded in his underpants?"
"is this a beginning of a porno movie?"
"if this is a porno movie, will it involved that cat?"

Well much-much more. i guessed you guys should get the picture where will my questions leads to. Hehe..

What about YouTubers comments you guys may asked. That's the thing. Viewers seems to be OBLIVIOUS of the fact that that guys is close to naked!!

The only few that i found to have notice:

"y u no wear pants! ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ" by EagleHawk175.
"GUYS IF U NEVER NOTICE... the guy is only wearing a underwear -.-" by byee951.
"This man just wear underwear while filming?? Lol wanna show how 'big' his package is? Hahaaa" by 933roastduck.
"its disturbing that the guy is in his briefs. :S" by duckingpuiyee.
"why is the owner not wearing pants or shirt?" by teomin.

After going through all the comments(minus the ones in chinese character: i don't read chinese characters), i am beginning to believe that the internet IS BEING CONTROLLED by cats. As it seems that most do not realized that the guys in just in his underpants. LOL!!

So go watch the video and don't forget to read some of the comments, it's hilarious.
Until next time, i'm your host, Ruki Kenishiro.