Weird YouTube 3: Harmonized Melodic Death Metal Riff.

Why, hello there. Welcome to the [Weird YouTube Videos Week]. i am your host, Ruki Kenishiro. Here is my third pick. And my it got me Lolling. LOLling really hard.

i love playing guitar. Even though i know i can never be as good as some of the YouTube guitar players, but that has never stopped me from watching guitar playing videos. You know, with intend of perhaps i could find the time to actually learn some of the riffs & technique showed in the videos.

Unfortunately for this guy, he used a very crappy camera to record his playing. In which it resulted in a very crappy video. Hence all guitar players and wannabes(if i may add: me, especially) get on the bandwagon to diss his video.

IMHO, his video is such a bad video. Plus if your video is a crappy video on YouTube, you will get some pretty "hilarious" comments. Here are some of my favourites about the above video. Enjoy!

"i dont know what all this "fps" stuff is but i do know that this video has some VERY high spf (seconds per frame)" by zqmbfg.
"did u record this with ur calculator?" by goku413.
"If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I would have one dollar." by somekindofmonster7.
"how did you manage to record with your potato?" by onehours.
"this video was recorded with a banana." by xDARKxBULLETx.
"If I had a penny for every fps in this video. I would owe you 1 penny." by FaintVoicesOfficial.
"Is this a powerpoint presentation?" by JulianSmells.
"5 fps?" by crazyerko.

So go watch the video and don't forget to read some of the comments, it's hilarious.
Until next time, i'm your host, Ruki Kenishiro.