Weird YouTube 2: Serene Branson.

Why, hello there. Welcome to the [Weird YouTube Videos Week]. i am your host, Ruki Kenishiro. Here are my second pick. And my it got me Lolling. LOLling really hard.

Although i can no longer recall how i came to this video, but i am glad that i've found it. Because, on that day, i was kind of having a down day and after watching this, i felt lifted again. Hehe..

So i was, at that time wondering what the heck is this video about anyway? Apparently Serene Branson was having a stroke. Fortunately it was just a migraine. Here the original video.

Although i felt sorry for her, okay just a little bit, again, this original video got me Lolling more! Not to mention some genius of a guy made a song out of it. Both brilliant and hilarious at the same time.

Yeah, catchy tune now isn't it?
Now not to forget, YouTubers comments! Here are some of my favourites:

"she didn't have a stroke...she's speaking simlish. she's a sim who escaped from the game" by katarasmoon.
"Mug largnerg tharg targen. Snogmarr.
Snooger blation, uhhh snog blarr snee.
Simcrow munnterrr icrosis enn farsch sar shar en terrm burandansen. Ser dip..." by lisdabest889.
"She speaks Sims language hahahaha" by Yvieneify.

So how was it? Did you guys enjoy the video? Well there's a full length song, if you guys find it catchy LOL.

So go watch the videos on YouTube and don't forget to read some of the comments, it's hilarious.
Until next time, i'm your host, Ruki Kenishiro.