Weird YouTube 1: Hip Hop Dressage.

Why, hello there. Welcome to the [Weird YouTube Videos Week]. i am your host, Ruki Kenishiro. Here is my first pick. And my it got me Lolling. LOLling really hard.

Its dressage with hip hop music. Weird right? Well see the video yourself. Apart from the hilarious video itself. YouTubers comments for the video also got me Lolling really really hard. Some of them are:

"Didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker can dance hip-hop" by Kismonos03. 
"It is fake, check 1:22 - goes backwards" by YTisshit. (unfortunately the video is only 1:21)
"Honestly if I were a horse, I'd dance too! I would be like "Am a horse ya'll! Look at me kickin' my legs and everything!" by HijackedGiraffe.
"why are so many people in the audience dressed like naruto?" by envysdaughter. (in reference to the colours of Holland team appeared briefly, which i didn't get it at first but after watching the second time, i was like "dude.. that is FREAKING HILARIOUS!!")
"Damn, Sarah Jessica Parker sure can move!" by simpleplanfan011.
"this is the greatest thing ive ever seen in my entire life. its a perfect storm of audio-visual hilarity" by tiffythompson9. (well indeed it is..)

So go watch the video and don't forget to read some of the comments, it's hilarious.
Until next time, i'm your host, Ruki Kenishiro.