Hoot! Hoot!

i have been taking photography as a serious hobby for quite a while now, probably around two years now if my memories served me correctly. :p Mostly i took candid pictures and i have had the experience of taking wedding assignments. i do acknowledge that photography itself is a broad subject and is also.. forgive me for the intended pun, subjective.

Photography is a hobby that can consumed(in a good way that is.. or not depends on your views of it) you. In terms of time and of course money.

However, one branch of photography that i haven't really got into.. yet, is wildlife photography. Living in a city does not give me that opportunity and privilege to do so. The only animals that i can shoot(took photo :p) are cats and dogs. Hehe..

Seeing the picture of the owl above, makes me want to just dive into doing that.

via Buzzfeed.
originally Reddit.

Photographer: Jari Peltomaki.

i want that lens!