The Walking Dead Season 2 is TOMORROW!

i am A GREAT PROCRASTINATOR! It has been long since i've blogged consistently. i am getting so freaking lazy. Lazy to do everything, and i really meant everything. So my life right now has indeed become mundane and boring.

Wait. My life IS mundane and boring. So nothing's change in that. :p

This is not a good trait for a blogger. Or so i thought i am. Hah! Well, the thing is, i think i am slowly but surely(though hopefully not for real) can no longer keep my focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes. i don't know. For example, recently i started reading the book A Game Of Thrones after seeing the AWESOME TV series that is.. Game Of Thrones. After finished reading the first book(in which i just skimmed through as mostly was covered in the TV series), i began reading the second book, A Clash Of Kings.

That was about a month ago, if not more. i didn't even read any further than the fourth page. SERIOUS. *FACEPALM*

i would start doing something and ignored it shortly after i lost interest in it. Which is again, not a good trait for a blogger. Now it seems i regain back some of my interest to blog. Why, you guys may asked. Well it is because of, three words: THE WALKING DEAD!


If you're here in South East Asia or specifically Malaysia, catch it starting tomorrow October 23rd on Star Movies 10pm.

So here is the awesome trailer(if you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see it. Click View Original Post to see it) which is longer than the one in the TV commercials.