Guide To Zombie Survival.

Yup, still sticking with the zombie theme. Why not? zombie is IN okay. Haha.. So what do you think about  the show yesterday? Did you guys enjoy it? i did. It was FREAKING AWESOME! Can't wait for the coming episode.

So the next episode and afterwards will be on every Friday @ 10pm Hong Kong time/ 11pm Malaysia starting 28th October, STARMOVIES. Key that in your reminder/calendar you heard?

So, did it ever cross you mind? That perhaps if the Zombie Apocalypse or some how a zombie virus type outbreak really could occur. Are you ready for it? Do you know or possess any basic survival skill to outlast the catastrophe? i hope i do.

If you have no idea, here are some tips provided to you by HCC Medical Insurance Services. In which is a really good marketing but pointless anyway should the real zombie apocalypse occurs.  At that time money wouldn't worth anything anymore anyway. Only food, ammo and safe shelter that counts. :)

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via Buzzfeed.
originally HCC Medical Insurance Services.