Learn To Duel With Lightsaber!

i came upon this topic today when commenting on my friend's facebook status. she wanted to learn about swords martial arts or something, and i jokingly suggested she tries learning lightsaber combat instead. Off course its not a real lightsaber stupid! hahahaha!

So anyways.

Actually, through out the years of the Starwars films came out, the lighsaber duels in the films has taken a life of its own with actual methods, techniques and combat styles of its own.

Extensive article can be read here.

Here are some the videos of lightsaber duels.

From the Starwars Saga films themselves.

From a fan made lightsaber tutorial.

Or if you can't find any lightsaber masters around to teach you guys, why not try wushu? it has all the elements of sword.. i meant lightsaber combat. hahahaha... like in this video.

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