You Can Now Top Up Your Paypal From Malaysian Bank Account!

Hello my fellow Malaysian bloggers! if there is any reading. :(

Hahahahahaa.. Did you, or did you not know that you can now upload/top-up your(if you have any) Paypal account? Which was previously NOT possible unless you have a US bank account.


How does this happen? Well thanx to RHB Bank, with their exclusive collaboration with Paypal, you can now top-up to your Paypal account! Again, Hooray!! Hahaha.. If you do have a savings/current account with RHB Bank, you can now top up INSTANTLY and free. Well from other banks, do refer to the picture above. i hope you guys can read. Hahaha.. i kidd! i kidd!

My Paypal account is mainly used to receive my blogging revenue and if there is enough in there, i used it to buy stuff from the internet that i couldn't get here locally. The trouble thing was previously, i had to rely on my blogging revenues which NOT much, to buy stuffs. Now i can top-up my Paypal to order that Zoom H1 DSLR Audio kit i've been planning to get.

For more info head to RHB Bank page here.