Please Read: Nuclear Fear SMS.

Have you guys received this?
 “Japan government confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Remain indoors for first 24 hours. Close doors and windows. Swab neck skin with betadine where thyroid is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precaution, radiation may hit starting 4pm today.”
The original rumours here.
i was immediately skeptical upon receiving this. This is about the rumours that spreads thru SMS about acid rain amids the explosion of Fukushima nuclear power plant. It is highly unlikely the radiation cloud(if there is any, as a complete meltdown is yet to happen) could make it here to Miri, due to Japanese preventive and safety measure.

Should you guys however have these symptoms, you may have been exposed to too much radiation(though NOT from the explosion in Japan).

1. When angry, one exhibit unusual human strength and body might turn colour to green.
2. Beginning to show spider-like reflexes.
3. Able to turn oneself invisible.
4. Body parts might stretch like plastic.
5. Skin turn hard like rock.
6. Able to run like the flash of lighting.
7. Able to read other people's mind.
8. Move objects with the power of your mind.

Other than that, i do believe that the Japanese government is doing everything they can to prevent a complete meltdown. Although it might sound and look like something bad is happening but rest assure everything is being done to prevent catastrophic damage.

So if you do read this, stop sending the fear mongering SMSes and/or text messages that you've received. It will only leads to unnecessary panic and fear.

What we can do is, say our prayers to the people of Japan. If you can in any way able to help, please do so.
i find this article from very informative and give a clear perspective of this incident. Here's an excerpt.

"Contrast this with the panic over Japan's reactors. For 40 years, they've quietly done their work. Three days ago, they were hit almost simultaneously by Japan's worst earthquake and one of its worst tsunamis. Not one reactor container has failed. The only employee who has died at a Japanese nuclear facility since the quake was killed by a crane. Despite this, voices are rising in Europe and the United States to abandon nuclear power. Industry analysts predict that the Japan scare, like Chernobyl, will freeze plant construction."
"Early reports said four Japanese plants were in trouble. Now it appears only two were disabled. Early reports said three employees had radiation sickness. Now we're hearing only one is sick, and even in that case, the radiation dose appears relatively low. Two reactor buildings exploded, but these were explosions of excess hydrogen, not nuclear fuel, and neither of them ruptured the inner containers that encase the reactor cores. Some radiation has leaked, but according to measurements outside the plants, the amount so far is modest. Any leak is bad, and the area of contamination, even at low rates, will probably spread. Japan needs our sympathy and our help. But let's not exaggerate the crisis."
Full article here.
 p/s: i, myself however is having a complete meltdown. Nasal fluid is spreading everywhere. Contamination is imminent. If any of you guys have been in contact with me, you CAN BE SURE, you are contaminated & INFECTED. Muahahahahaha!