Sony HXR-MC50U Makes Me Wanna Go Ghost Hunting!!

Watsup guys and gals. Sorry for no longer active in updating this blog anymore, though i am now slowly feeling the itch to blog and write again. Well to be honest, i just found out that my page views are dwindling and the fact that my ads are no longer producing paying leads makes me wanna blog again to give me money. Hahahaha..

So what have i been up to lately?

Again to be honest, nothing really exciting. Yeah, to be short and clear, i am a boring person. Plus i am also bored but i did nothing to rid myself of this killing boredom. :)

However, i am starting to want to something really out of the ordinary or perhaps something stupid. i want to go GHOST HUNTING! hahahahahahaha.. why you might ask? well the fact that i am into the supernatural type of thing. Also the other day i was researching for a high quality camcorder, but for a sole purpose of shooting short movies. Though after reading the tech specs, ghost hunting just popped into my bored head. haha..

Analyzing the camcorder tech specs, i found it to be really suitable for the purpose ghost hunting. So here is the camcorder that's caught my attention.

Sony HXR-MC50U

This is a professional grade compact camcorder, while the major thing that i am looking for, it can do night vision. In a 0 lux or simply put total darkness. Sweeeeeeettttt... but not to abuse it to do sextape okay, but ghost hunting.

See the sample video below taken with the camcorder.

Nice isn't it? Hopefully i can get one soon! hahahaha..

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Get the camcorder here.