Great iPhone 4 Battery Tips!

Just a forewarning though, if you guys by any chance take this advice or tips or whatever.. you WILL realize that it is actually pointless to get an iPhone 4 in the first place. Hahahaha.. But if you bear with me on this, you can decide on your own, how to exactly manage your iPhone 4 battery life.

Okay let me start by saying this: i can confirmed to you guys that in real life test, my iPhone 4 battery life lasted for 8 days!

Now, how do i manage this?

1. i set my Brightness level almost to the lowest setting. Which is in SETTINGS > BRIGHTNESS. i set mine in about 15-20% to the lowest setting.

2. i TURN OFF my 3G. Perhaps someone in their right mind would go like, "why on earth did he do that? what's the point of using a smartphone and not utilizing its capabilities? Well i found that using 3G, even in the strongest signal area, the battery life decreased significantly. In my educated guess, by enabling 3G the battery life drains faster, its about 40% faster than without 3G turn on. Which is in SETTINGS > GENERAL > NETWORK > ENABLE 3G (OFF).

3. i TURN OFF my cellular data. Not only that cellular data somewhat drains your battery a bit(not too much)but it also eats up your credit. Ehem.. i am using prepaid by the way, or pay-as-you-go for you guys in UK.

4. i did at the first couple of weeks of trying out my phone, turning on my Wifi constantly. Now i only turn it on when i feel like going online or something. Now i TURN THE WIFI OFF! Although Apple might have said that browsing using iPhone 4 is totally a new experience but for me.. its.. meh! Nothing beats online with PC.. yeah, i am using PC! hahahaha..

5. i now, SELDOM CALL or TEXT MESSAGES.. ANYMORE!!! Yes, i am dead serious. It is actually a fact. It's not that i don't want to call or text, i just don't have anyone to call or text to. Yes i am super lonely. So...


Anyways. Here's the summary:

If you're still wanna use your iPhone 4 as a "smartphone" yet concern about battery life. Don't worry, IMO iPhone 4 has great battery life but with these simple steps you can extend it.

1. Turn off 3G. Use it only if you want to go online where there is no Wifi.
2. Turn off Wifi. Use it only you want to update your Facebook status and stuff.
3. Turn off Bluetooth, and get rid of that bluetooth doggle, it makes you look stupid talking "alone".
4. Set the brightness to lowest setting. Bump it up if you in total darkness or in the brightest sunshine.

That's just it, i'm not gonna suggest to you about not calling or texting, man, that would be downright ridiculous. That's just me. i am SUPER LONELY.