iPhone 4 Newbie Review.

Yes, you guys read it right. i am an iPhone or more exactly an Apple user newbie. The only familiar product of Apple that i do know how to use is of course, what else? Quicktime. Apart from that though, i have no previous experience of using an Apple product.

Okay, i have to come clean with you guys. To be honest, i think any of Apple product is sooooo overrated. Why? Because of its premium prices of course. Although yes, their products are so much cooler and sexier to behold but the fact that it is expensive made me feel that it is not worth getting one, as there are other gadgets that do the same functions for fraction of the cost.

So when i finally decided to get a smartphone, iPhone 4 didn't actually cross my mind at all. The smartphones that i have or rather had in mind to get was, HTC Desire, Nokia N900 and Samsung Galaxy S. At the time that i decided to get a smartphone, i was convinced or correctly put, "sweet talked" by a cute sales girl to get an iPhone 4. In another words, my final decision was tainted with outside "persuasion".


So here goes, this is a newbie review of an iPhone 4.

i have been using this phone for almost about a month now. Do i like it? Yes. In a first impression, anyone would  seriously want one. Why? it is so freaking sexy! Yes, i dare to say that iPhone 4 is arguably the sexiest smartphone to date. It moves away from the curvy design of the previous generation. It is comfortable to hold but unfortunately, it's extremely slippery. Boy, and i have the picture for you to see. It's not for the faint hearted.

i manage to dent it in about a couple of weeks after i bought it. Yes, when i dropped it, my heart almost stopped. Seriously that's how i felt. So i am now currently saving for a casing or perhaps a battery case. The phone feel really solid in my hand. One thing i do notice though, that the phone is much much heavier than my LG Viewty and my Nokia 6233, despite their bulky bodies. Thanks to the enforced glass i guess.

i do admit despite how i felt about Apple and their products, iOS 4 is arguably a complete system. i have yet to experience any hiccups for the length of time i've been using it. i might be shot for saying this, but this is perhaps the best smart phone system. Highly responsive and smooth, not to forget huge selection of apps.

Yes, this phone can do calls and messaging too. Haahahaha.. Strangely, here in Malaysia which is in South East Asia, i did not experince any dropped calls or losing signals whenever i hold the phone in my left. As many has reported. Probably this depends on the location, and the carrier.. i guess.

Battery Performance.
Honestly i am really really REALLY surprise with the battery performance. It does last almost as long as claimed by Apple. ALMOST. If you're a heavy user though, you do have to charge it every day. For an average user, lets say about 30 mins of calls, occasional texts, an hour or so of continuous web browsing, a few snaps of pictures, a few minutes of video capturing.. you could get in about an almost two full days of use.

yes, despite the iPhone 4 might be the perfect smartphone, well nothing is ever really perfect. For one thing, i really really really HATE the fact that i have to use one freaking application just to upload files. For backup and update, yes, i get that but not for adding files. Its just so inconvenient, perhaps this is just me. Still i don't like it. i prefer using it as a mass storage device.

Is iPhone 4 a perfect smartphone? Nope, not really. i HATE iTunes. It is as simple as that. Is it worth getting? If you need to get online a lot, yes. If you just need to make phone calls and text messaging, then there are far cheaper phones that does it, perhaps better at it.

So buy it or not.. the choice is yours!