FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

Wow. i have been extremely lazy in terms of updating my blog nowadays. The reason being? The world cup of course! Football has always been my favourite sport. i do play it occasionally, though not as often as i did back when i was in school.

Thankfully the football matches in this year event are not all broadcast late night in my part of the world. Most of all the group stages started in about 7pm in our local here in South East Asia. Unlike the previous world cup, due to the time different, most of the matches are late night and early morning. Which meant i can't follow it thoroughly. Not this year though, i only miss out on the 2am(night in South African time zone) matches. All the other matches, i can assure you guys, i am almost literally glued to TV.

The fact that one third of my visitors are from the US of A.  Here's a question for you guys, are you guys watching it too?